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Hytera Two Way Radios

When you buy Hytera Handheld, Mobile, and Repeaters you buy products and solutions that are built to perform – and built to last.

Our analogue two-way radios can be operated by license-free if required, and are recognized as easy-to-use, functional and robust, while our digital two-way radios (using DMR technology) are feature rich and used worldwide in locations where more complex communication needs have to be met.

Our department also have technicians to install, service and repair any two-way radios as needs arise.

Hytera two-way radios are very popular in sports arenas, on construction sites, at events & conferences and in mines and security industry.

DMR Radios – Easy to Use, Stylish and Robust. Dual Mode, Noise Cancellation, Safety Functions and more..

Offers the best DMR radio for every scenario.


Hytera Portable Two Way Radio

MobilesHytera Mobile Two Way Radio


Hytera Repeater Two Way Radio

Demonstration: Noice Cancellation feature of the Hytera radios.

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