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Hytera DMR Repeater

Powerful Hytera DMR Repeater for small and large radio networks.

  • DMR Tier II conventional repeaters, repeater-based systems, and DMR Tier III trunking systems.
  • Abundant voice call types, data services, multi-level redundancy & fallback means as well as security mechanisms.
  • Convenient Operation and Maintenance.
  • Widely adopted across the world in sectors, such as public safety, utility, oil & gas, and transportation.


HR1065 Hytera DMR Repeater

Professional DMR Repeater

  • Improves Functionality & Performance
  • Simplify Network Structure & Maintenance Methods
  • Analog & Digital Conventional Modes
  • Pseudo Trunking Mode
  • DMR Tier 3 Trunking System
  • Economical 1U Structure
  • Analog/Digital Auto Switch
  • AC/DC Auto Switch
  • Wide Coverage

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