Mobile Digital Video Recorder


Mobile Digital Video Recorder

MDVR Mobile Digital Video Recorder

MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) is an automated vehicle video recorder for recording of videos surrounding and within the vehicle.

It is widely used by Shuttle busses, School busses, Coaches, Logistic fleets, Freight vehicles, Cold chain, Bonded trucks, and other public services.

Benefits of a MDVR is:

  • Decrease risk and operational cost,
  • Improve fleet and driver safety,
  • Increase profitability of a fleet operator,
  • Reduce fraud in accidents.

MDVR can supports recording 3 – 4 cameras simultaneously, where a high-end MDVR can supports up to 16 cameras. Useful for recording a trailer, cargo door, blind spots and more.

These cameras are ruggedized and robust, rated IP67/IP68. They can withstand the weather elements and be able to operate for an extended time.

Other features:

  • HHD and SSD storage – storing the videos as backup and for replaying them at later stage.
  • Supports GPS for tracking.
  • 4G/Wi-Fi for internet connectivity.
  • Real-Time video streaming – allowing you to view recording as it happens.
  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS) – A Driver Monitoring System relies on an in-cabin, driver-facing camera to actively gauge the safety index of a driver. This index is derived from driver’s facial expression and overall behavior behind the wheels.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) – Safety solution for collision prevention and mitigation. It is also capable of detecting lane departures, traffic signs, speed limit adherence, pedestrians, lane markings and others.

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