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Guard Patrol Security Device with tags, checkpoints and management software.

WM-5000V5 Guard Patrol device

  • Managing and Tracking Security Guards.
  • Strong and durable, dustproof and waterproof with IP67 rating.
  • Vibration and LED flash prompt working status.
  • Long battery life, 30,000 continuous reads.
  • Includes Management Software (One PC/Laptop)

Why should you choose the Guard Patrol System?

  • Efficient: Say goodbye to traditional paper reports. The uploaded patrol report reflects the true work results of the security guards.
  • Simple: It is simple and quick to train security guards how to use it. Easy to complete the required tasks.
  • Durable: With its rugged, waterproof, and shock-resistant design, the guard system can withstand the toughest environment worldwide.
  • Reliable: The best security solution for 300,000 users worldwide.

Track who is making checks.

WM-5000V5 Guard Patrol Security Device Tracking

Put the area to be patrolled into the management software, you can easily track the security guards and use as evidence for their performance assessment.


Easily schedule guard patrols.

WM-5000V5 Guard Patrol Security Device Scheduling

The manager can set up a patrol plan for the security guards, including patrol routes, times, guards shift, etc. The patrol plan is used to standardize the patrol tasks of security guards, clarify responsibilities, and improve the sense of responsibilities.


WM-5000V5: Technical Specifications:

Model:  WM-5000V5

Dimension: 144mm x 47mm x 30mm; Weight: 200g

Storage Capacity:  30,000 reads

Battery: 3.7V/880mAh rechargeable lithium batteries

IP Rating: IP67

Operating Temperature: -40C ~+85C

Reading Mode: RFID 125KHz; Reading distance 3cm – 5cm

Data Transfer: Pogo PIN USB (Drive-free); 15000 record uploading/min

Battery Life: 500 reads/day, For continues use of 30 days

Prompt: Vibration with Colorful LED Light (Red/Green/Blue)


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What is included in a package?

WM-5000V5 Guard Patrol Security Device


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